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JobKeeper Scam
Submitted By Justin Nancarrow - 10-December-2020 11:19 pm

The Australian Taxation Office (ATO) is warning business owners about the latest JobKeeper email scam to do the rounds, reminding SMEs to be wary of requests for their personal information.

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JobKeeper Payment
Submitted By Justin Nancarrow - 14-April-2020 4:58 pm

JobKeeper payment – Employers

The legislation for the JobKeeper Payment received Royal Assent on Thursday, 9 April 2020. The Rules regarding the operation and implementation of the JobKeeper Payment have also been released by Treasury.

Broadly, eligible businesses that elect to participate will receive a payment of $1,500 per fortnight per eligible employee to support the people they employed as at 1 March 2020 who are retained in their employment.

For further information please refer to the ATO website


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Fair Work Information Statement
Submitted By Justin Nancarrow - 5-March-2020 10:28 am

Every worker in Australia needs to get a copy of the FWIS when they start a new job.

You can download the latest version here

For more information about minimum entitlements visit Fair Work's National Employment Standards page

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Growth Auditing Group - SMSF UPDATE - January 2020
Submitted By Justin Nancarrow - 17-January-2020 1:36 pm

Property Valuations

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'On The Money' Newsletter - December 2019
Submitted By Justin Nancarrow - 12-December-2019 1:42 pm

- Your Business in the Holiday Season
- The 5 Phases of Buying a Business
- Proposed Superannuation Amnesty Extension
- Employers Beware - avoid underpaying staff
- Why Business Start-Ups Fail

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smart.happy.money workshop
Submitted By Justin Nancarrow - 1-October-2019 2:47 pm

Our financial planning partners BGN Financial Management are running a smart.happy.money workshop which will work through 9 simple steps to get your finances in order.

Saturday 9th of November 1pm-4pm followed by post workshop drinks.

To register for your free ticket please follow the link on the invitation below.


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New Labour Hire Rules
Submitted By Justin Nancarrow - 7-October-2019 1:12 pm

From 30 October 2019 businesses must only use licensed labour hire providers or providers who have applied for a licence before 30 October 2019 and have not been refused, or face major penalties.

For more information refer to the Labour Hire Authority website

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Farewell Sonia
Submitted By Justin Nancarrow - 19-May-2019 8:46 pm

After nine years Sonia has decided to part ways with us to seek a full time role. We wish her a happy and successful future. You will be missed by all

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Scammers fake ATO phone numbers
Submitted By Justin Nancarrow - 8-May-2019 12:45 pm

Scammers are using pre-recorded robocalls impersonating the ATO and threatening immediate arrest for an unpaid tax debt. The scammers use a technology known as 'spoofing' to show a genuine ATO number on the caller ID. The technology also allows them to replicate websites and email addresses

For further information refer to the ATO newsroom


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Tax Banter 2019-20 Federal Budget
Submitted By Justin Nancarrow - 30-April-2019 10:58 pm
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Fake Xero subscription invoice emails
Submitted By Justin Nancarrow - 3-December-2018 7:04 pm

Fake Xero subscription invoice emails are being sent out by scammers. A genuine Xero subscription invoice email:

  • Will be addressed to your billing contact name, not to “Dear Client” or another generic greeting.
  • Will be sent from subscription.notifications@post.xero.com.
  • Will only link you to pages on xero.com (in.xero.com, help.xero.com etc).
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Medicare Levy Surcharge
Submitted By Justin Nancarrow - 28-November-2018 12:33 pm

Is your 2018-19 adjusted taxable income over the threshold ($90,000 for singles, $180,000 for families)?

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Security Alert - BSB and account number changes received by email
Submitted By Justin Nancarrow - 12-September-2018 11:19 am

It is critical that when changing a BSB and Account number as a result of an email received from a supplier or known associate, you verbally validate this request.

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Big News!
Submitted By Justin Nancarrow - 14-June-2018 2:18 pm

We are excited to announce that after 13 years of trading as NP Accounting we are rebranding to Tax Slayer.

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ATO Scam Warning
Submitted By Justin Nancarrow - 21-October-2015 6:44 pm



Scam warning - Do not open emails from 'delayedreturn@ato.gov.au'

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Tax Banter - Federal Budget 2018-19
Submitted By Justin Nancarrow - 9-May-2018 5:45 pm

On 8 May 2018, the Treasurer, Scott Morrison, delivered his third Federal Budget

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Simpler BAS
Submitted By Justin Nancarrow - 11-May-2016 2:58 pm

The ATO has been working with small businesses, tax professionals, industry associations and software providers on ways to deliver a simpler business activity statement (BAS) to make GST record keeping easier and less costly.

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How to Structure and Finance Your Business to Ensure Personal Protection of Assets
Submitted By Justin Nancarrow - 9-May-2016 4:16 pm

Nicholas Giasoumi provides some valuable advice on how to structure and finance a business to ensure that personal assets are protected in the event that things go wrong.

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2016-17 Federal Budget
Submitted By Justin Nancarrow - 9-May-2016 12:59 pm

Snapshot of the 2016 Budget

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2016-17 Federal Budget
Submitted By Justin Nancarrow - 5-May-2016 3:10 pm

On 3 May 2016, the Treasurer, Scott Morrison, delivered his first Federal Budget and the first budget of the Turnbull government.

Business, Families, Individuals and Superannuation

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Motor Vehicle expenses
Submitted By Justin Nancarrow - 9-March-2016 5:15 pm

Start your log book NOW!

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30 Ways To Reduce Your Tax Bill
Submitted By Justin Nancarrow - 29-February-2016 12:44 pm

It is never too early to focus on your tax and financial planning in order to minimise tax, reduce risk and be prepared financially.

Effective tax planning is something that should be considered year round and making it a priority can result in you paying less tax liability. Preparing and updating a forecast of income and outgoings can also help you and your business identify times when money may be short and plan accordingly.

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Christmas Trading Hours
Submitted By Justin Nancarrow - 9-December-2015 3:54 pm


This office will be closed from 5.00pm Friday 18th December and re-open Monday 11th January, 2016.

Wishing our clients a safe & happy Christmas & New Year!


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10 Year Anniversay
Submitted By Justin Nancarrow - 18-July-2015 6:40 pm

We are pleased to announce that we have been in Boronia for 10 years this June. Thank you to our customers, business alliances and staff for your continued support - we couldn't have done it without you

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2015-16 Federal Budget
Submitted By Justin Nancarrow - 26-May-2015 10:29 am

MYOB - Federal Budget Whitepaper

Key tax changes outlined by Federal Treasurer, Joe Hockey in the 2015-16 Federal Budget announced on 12 May 2015, impacting business

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